Marvelous Mommy Review

I wasn’t sure how well this was going to work with Natalie’s car seat since her car seat already has little arm rests on each side but surprisingly it wasn’t a problem. I love that the Kiddie Catch-All™ easily pops on and off so I can give it to Natalie so she can pick out toys to take on the car ride.

While strapped into her car seat, it is difficult for Natalie to reach the toys in the bottom of the basket. Luckily the depth of the bag is adjustable. Just turn the Kiddie Catch-All™ upside down and press the inner ring away from yourself and downward to pop the inner ring out. Then adjust the bag to be shorter in depth and pop the ring back in. You can adjust this as your child gets older and their arms get longer! The Kiddie Catch-All™ definitely keeps my car and the back seat much more organized and clean. Plus Natalie is excited to get into the car when she sees the toys.


Kiddie Catch-All™ FAQ’s

Who invented Kiddie Catch-All™? 
Kiddie Catch-All™ was invented by a former professional nanny and mommy of a busy, wiggly 1 yr old. Later, the addition of the unique embroidery hoop-like design was the idea of her mother offering simple attachment and removal of the bag. Soon after, mother and grandmother formed a partnership and began selling Kiddie Catch-All™ to the public!!

Where is Kiddie Catch-All™ made? 
We are proud to say that our Kiddie Catch-All™ is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

What size is the bag?
9” x 7”

What is it made of? 
The bag is made of Nylon

Does the bag material stretch? 
Yes it will stretch as it is filled with things.

Can I wash it with my clothes in the washing machine? 
Yes, you can wash the BAG, only, in your washing machine.

Can children get their fingers caught in the holes of the bag? 
No, the holes are too small.

Kiddie Catch-All