Mommy Gaga Blog Review

Is your back seat a disaster after a car ride? Mine is! With kids, there is a need for vehicle entertainment, so I have some stuff back there to keep the little ones happy. MJ drops toys, food, trash, books, and anything else he can get his hands on, causing what looks like a tornado back there! Thankfully, I can now keep the back seat of my car organized with the Kiddie Catch-All!

The Kiddie Catch-All is the perfect accessory for your car, truck or minivan! Fill it with books, toys, games, snacks, sippie cups…whatever your child wants is now right at their fingertips with the Kiddie Catch-All™.  Never worry about picking things off the floor while driving again! And no more taking your eyes off the road! 

I really like the Kiddie Catch-All. It is made of durable plastic and a net to “catch” all of the kids’ belongings. It is such a simple concept, yet it is extremely useful. The hook is pretty flexible, so it expands as necessary and connects to the arm of virtually any car seat. The back seat of my car is much more organized now that all of my son’s little Hot Wheels, books, blocks and other random knick knacks are out of the way. MJ really likes it too, he thinks it’s pretty neat to have access to everything he wants while riding in the car. He shoves his snacks in there too. A bonus for us moms: No more twisting, turning, or pulling over to pick up stuff and hand it over to the kiddos!

I rounded up a bunch of MJ’s stuff I found in my back seat and filled this baby up:

I love supporting mom-invented products, I think it’s great that an SAHM saw a need for simplicity in organizing her daughter’s toys and jumped on it! Right now, Kiddie Catch-All is having a buy one, get one free special including a bonus music CD, a great deal if you have multiple children or would like to give one as a gift. Stop by for more information and to purchase.

Kiddie Catch-All